Plant Safety Solutions provide a range of occupational health
and safety services including:

  • Plant safety risk assessment and risk control solutions focussing
    on machine safeguards and the safety-related parts of control sys

  • OH&S risk management systems

  • Risk auditing

  • Legislative compliance and Due Diligence Programs

  • Accident/incident Investigation, including 'Expert Witness' reports

  • Electrical Safety

  • Training & Development

  • Development of Energy Isolation Guides (EIG) to distinguish between minor and major intervention access.




Risk Auditing

We apply an open consultative independant inspection service tailored to the clients needs. The focus is on the risk control measures necessary to minimise risk of injury from the  operations, cleaning and maintenance of the machine.


We are able to provide recommendations to achieve compliance with relevant Acts, Regulations and Standards i.e. AS/NZS 4024 and the equivalent ISO, IEC, EN Standards.


We are able to develop and facilitate industry specific workshops  on OH&S/WHS legislation, risk assessment methods, risk control solutions in machine safety.

Machinery Safeguarding
Standards Update

  • AS4024.1-2014 has just been reviewed following update from adopted ISO/IEC/EN Standards. The new AS/NZS 4024.1-2019 is now available.

  • AS60204-2005 has been replaced by AS/NZS 4024.1204:2019 Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines - General requirements (IEC 60204-1:2016). It was adopted from IEC/EN 60204 and is widely used in Europe. This standard follows from the mandatory AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules.

  • AS/NZS 4024.3600 series -2015 now super seeds AS1755-2000 Conveyor Standard.

  • IS013849.1-2006 has now been adopted in AS4024.1503-2014 where Performance Level(PL) is used to specify the ability of safety-related parts of control systems to perform a safety function under foreseeable conditions.

  • The need to identify minor intervention against major intervention access to machines by developing Energy Isolation Guides (EIG).

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